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We supply Baldan Agricultural and Construction Replacement Parts

In 1952, the Baldan family manufactured the first disc for plows and harrows made in Brazil. The pioneering initiative broke the dependence on imported products and contributed to the development of agriculture in the country. Baldan discs became to be rated among the best products offered in the market. Innovation encouraged the practice of new methods and production techniques. Baldan currently supplies Cultivators, Harrows, Harvesters, Loaders, Plows, Rotary Cutter, Seed Drills and Sugarcane Line Parts. Currently, the company has a diverse line with over 200 products in 2000 versions suited for all agricutural needs.

ER Tillage offers replacement parts for all Baldan machines and equipment. We supply Baldan Grease Type Bearings, Baldan Scrapers, Baldan Spacer Spools, and all Baldan replacement parts. Don't have a part number? No problem! Our experts have over 40 years of Rome Plow equipment experience, so we can answer any question.

Don't have a part number? No problem! ER Tillage has a line of experts with over 40 years of industry experience that are ready to answer all your tillage questions.

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Oliver & Dahlman has purchased all assets of ER Tillage. We will continue to provide the top quality parts you're looking for, along with the expertise to answer all your questions. Call us at 904-692-1326 for prompt and courteous assistance for all your tillage equipment needs.
ER Tillage offers all the replacement parts for your Agricultural, Industrial and Construction, Sugarcane, and Forestry equipment.

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