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Bearing Assemblies

ER TIllage supplies the highest quality grease type and oil bath bearings

Agricultural, Forestry, and Construction machinery requires industrial strength bearings that can handle the most contaminated and toughest conditions. ER Tillage offers bearings for disc harrows, planters, rakes, mowers, all types of tillge, seeding and forestry equipment.

14 inch coulter blade for disc harrows and implements

Grease Type Bearings

Our heavy duty grease type bearings are dual tapered and made with high quality steel, and also use triple lip contact seals to keep the dirt out, increasing the life for years to come. We supply grease type bearings for the following machines: Rome, REMCO, TATU, and Kello-bilt.

14 inch coulter blade for disc harrows and implements

Oil Bath Bearings

Using the most recent technology, our oil bath bearings are specially designed to meet the harsh conditions of construction, deep tillage, tilling new grounds and recently deforested areas. Our oil bath bearings use 90 weight gear oil and they utilize dual-tapered roller bearings. They also feature patented duo-cone seals to keep the oil sealed in, while keeping harmful particles out. Since the unit is completely sealed, there is no maintenance required, no daily work with a grease gun. We carry sizes to fit most harrows, including all Rome, REMCO, TATU, and Kello-Bilt harrows. We can also convert ANY harrow to oil bath bearings.

14 inch coulter blade for disc harrows and implements

Pillow Block and Flange Block Bearings

ER Tillage stocks Pillow Block and Flange Block bearings in multiple styles and sizes. These bearings are designed to provide shaft support where the mounting surface is parallel to the shaft axis.

14 inch coulter blade for disc harrows and implements

Sealed and Greasable Agricultural Bearings

ER Tillage offers a full line of sealed and greasable bearings to fit ANY harrow or plow. We offer the best quality bearings at the best prices. Even if you do not have a part number, our team can determine your needs by answering a couple simple questions.

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Don't have a part number? No problem! ER Tillage has a line of experts with over 40 years of industry experience that are ready to answer all your tillage questions.

Oliver & Dahlman
Oliver & Dahlman has purchased all assets of ER Tillage. We will continue to provide the top quality parts you're looking for, along with the expertise to answer all your questions. Call us at 904-692-1326 for prompt and courteous assistance for all your tillage equipment needs.
Along with our own TERRARISER line of disk harrows, we are authorized resellers of the following harrow manufacturers.
ER Tillage offers all the replacement parts for your Agricultural, Industrial and Construction, Sugarcane, and Forestry equipment.

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